Website Development:

The Chunky Sheep team is highly skilled at transforming your vision into a highly responsive, interactive and engaging website.  Whether we're designing a brand new website or creating more of a refresh, we will not stop until you are 100% thrilled with the results.

We can connect and analyze your Google Analytics as well as fine-tune your SEO and SEM efforts.  

Your business may have the most amazing website, but your ROI will be extremely low if it doesn't show up in Google searches. We are here to help increase traffic to your website very cost-effectively.

Market Research:

Your marketing investment is rendered null and void without research due diligence. 

How do you define your target audience, demographically, geographically and psychographically?  What makes them respond to your brand?  Who are your competitors?  How is your brand perceived? What are the market trends in your space?

These are some of the questions we will research before any type of marketing plan is created. Our goal is to ensure that your company's marketing strategy is 100% on target and generates the highest ROI.



Graphic Design And Merchandising:

Does you business need a logo or perhaps a logo "refresh?" Chunky Sheep creates

high quality, hi-resolution Photoshop graphics for your logo and all merchandising such as business cards, T-shirts, tchotchkes and the like.


Media Planning/Buying:

Chunky Sheep has extensive experience in crafting and implementing a highly targeted marketing strategy for your business.

Our services include planning/negotiating and buying all forms of media including traditional and non-traditional (Digital, OOH, Transit, Social Platforms, Programmatic, E-newsletters, Theater advertising, etc)

We will monitor and optimize all of your business's marketing campaigns, manage invoicing and post-campaign analysis.  We will ensure that all of the campaign's projective metrics have been achieved by each media vendor.